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Trusses – Roof and Floor

Tri-State Truss Company has included a chart below detailing some popular truss designs that would be widely used by all manufacturers.  Each of the truss designs can be customized to meet any particular job needs.

Each roof truss design can be modified by:

  • Size
  • Weight Carried Capacity
  • Ceiling Height
  • Cathedral Ceiling Design
  • Slope or Pitch
  • Tray Ceiling Design

Each floor truss design can be modified by:

  • Spacing
  • Weight Bearing Points
  • Length
  • Stairways
  • Depth
  • HVAC Duct Placement

In addition to roof or floor trusses, we also offer engineered I-joists, laminated veneer beams and laminated lumber beams.  The point to remember is that all truss types will be modified to fit your specific project.  Our design team is very capable to walk you through this process so that your vision is achieved with the structural strength you deserve.

Truss Design/Engineering

Tri-State Truss Company’s design team has over four decades of experience and can provide the structural integrity and product quality that your building project demands.  The extra time spent on design details can translate into cost savings at the point of installation.  Prior to manufacturing trusses, our design team performs a final job site measurement to ensure accuracy.  This attention to detail helps the framers and other subcontractors working on your project.

Our company views building codes as the minimum requirement in the marketplace.  We will exceed these minimum values when necessary to give our customers’ projects solutions that are worry free for years to come.  Tri-State Truss Company is by far the best cost to value choice for your project.  For a streamlined build, contact us for project analysis and quote when you begin to plan a building project.  In addition, our plan drawings can be stamped by a licensed engineer if required.

Other Services

  • Delivery – we offer jobsite delivery using our specialized fleet of trucks and trailers.
  • Hangers & Braces – Tri-State Truss Company offers a large selection of hangers and support products to meet technical drawing or to enhance installation of our products.
  • Installation Instructions – With every shipment Tri-State Truss Company provides installation and bracing instructions for our products. We are a member of the SBCA.  (LINK)
  • Mitek Partner – Tri-State Truss Company partners with industry leader Mitek for our design software and structural plates.
  • Stamped Drawings – Through Mitek we can offer stamped drawings for our customer projects.
  • Crane Services – Tri-State Truss Company does not have its own crane services to set the trusses we build. However, we are glad to offer a referral for quality crane services.
Truss Configurations