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A Family Owned Business Since 1978

Tri-State Truss Company is a family-owned manufacturing business specializing in wooden plate connected trusses. Located in Cleveland, TN, we have serviced this region and other surrounding markets for over 40 years. Our proven quality sets us apart from our competition making us the premier wooden plate connected truss manufacturer in our region.

Tri-State Truss Company was established in 1978 by a group of businessmen and investors in Cleveland Tennessee with a vision toward the future. By mutual agreement, Cleveland Plywood Company, Inc. purchased Tri-State Truss Company in April of 2007. As a local building supply retailer, the acquisition enabled us to offer truss manufacturing to our customer base.

Our employees at Tri-State Truss Company are the reason for our success, many of which have worked together under both sets of ownership. Plant Manager Mike Ellis continues to lead “the family”, as we call ourselves, with many years of dedicated service. Should you find you need trusses, let us put our knowledge and expertise into creating the exact structural components you need built specifically for your project. Use our contact information to reach out to us however you choose.

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